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Tuesday, January 26 2021

Electric grill what you should pay attention to when choosing

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Electric Grills offer us delicious steaks, even when we do not have the possibility of barbecue in nature. They can be set anywhere in our kitchen, and a distinctive flavor reminiscent of barbecue grilled meat on wood. In contrast to the grill on wood, whose preparation takes a long time (due to a sufficiently long time for the charcoal grill), the best electric grill allows us to quickly cook the meat or vegetables. Moreover, grilled meat is much healthier than fried in the pan, because it is not saturated fat. In a recent study on the fire cooked meat is carcinogenic. Because of the harmful molecules secreted by wood or coals.

Electric Grills are available in several forms: Electric grill without lid This is the cheapest and most popular type of electric barbecue. It consists of a heating plate on which the baked meat which comprises a high edges preventing the ingress of fat into the furnace, and the heating element and control buttons, a grill located on the side or front plate ventilated cooking, thanks to the smoke produced during food preparation . Electric grill with lid
Electric grill with lid

Electric grill lid from a constructive shape, which is very close to the best normal electric grill, to which is added an opaque or a glass cover. Thanks grillowi cooking is much more pleasant, because the smoke does not propagate the kitchen and the dishes are delicate because of a couple who gathered under the cover. Widespread is also two-sided grill, which is a mix between the grill and the grill cover and without lids. Products are stuck between two metal surfaces are heated up (like a sandwich), and the time of preparation of products is less than twice the dish fried on both sides. What features are important when choosing the best electric grill? The area for the production of products is one of the first aspects to consider. Grill is selected based on the number of family members. The greater our family, the greater must be our grill, we do not have to cook in several batches. Overall dimensions of the plate on the grill electric range of 15 to 60 centimeters.

This grill provides the preparation of meals for 4 to 6 people at once. Be sure to check the surface for food preparation has a non-stick coating and is resistant to scratches that products do not adhere to the grill. Typically, the materials constituting the frying surface, are covered with a thin layer of teflon, which prevents from sticking to the cooking surface. The best electric grill also offers timers for temperature control, cooking area, detachable and indicator lights. The material from which the surface is frying, it is important for tasty and healthy food. The most commonly used materials are metal, tile or stone cooking.

Metal is the most common and has the advantage that it is a very low price, but the fried dishes are suitable for special rocks tasty steaks taste, which can not be exceeded in the case of an electric grill with terracotta. Powerful electric grill is always welcome. Power is an important element and is measured in watts (W). The higher performance of the best BBQ electric, including our products are healthier because they are fried evenly and deeply, and the standby time is shorter. Ideal for power grilled dishes is about 1000 watts. However, the best models of electric barbecue may have the power to 2500 watts. The cooking temperature varies depending on the model the grill.

There are barbecues, which can be used for preparing food at a temperature of 65 to 200 degrees, and other models offer a temperature of 150 to 200 degrees. The choice of temperature range depends on the type of meat used. So if we eat mostly thin slices of red meat or burgers, grill high temperature enough for us, and if we want to cook thicker cuts of meat on the depth, we have to choose a grill with a wide range of temperatures, with the temperature setting on the electric grill. The device is used both for the preparation of vegetables (which require a lower cooking temperature) and the coarse parts of beef or pork which

The higher the cooking temperature. The greater the number of degrees of temperature, the more products you can bake on the grill and our growing number of cooked dishes. The shape of the grill is valid only from an aesthetic point of view. Depending on the design of our kitchen can be circular, rectangular or oval. Cooking surface model depends on your taste and does not interfere in the process of preparing food. The timer is an important option because it helps us adjust the time and temperature for the preparation of certain products, and at the end of the program warns us about the lights and sounds. The best electric grill is also equipped with automatic shut-off sensor grill after such a program. Good electric grills keep our kitchen clean. Electric grill with a double surface
Electric grill with a double surface

For the best electric grill grease is mandatory. Frying creates an impressive amount of fat that should be collected in a special container. The bigger is better. It is recommended to choose a container equipped with a barbecue, where fat accumulates itself (due to the inclination plates frying). An alternative is to manually tilt the grill towards the opening for collecting fat. Faster maintenance. The control panel is essential for product quality and helps us to easily use the device and get the exact settings of some parameters. The display shows the optimum temperature of the cooking, when the oven has reached the optimum operating temperature.

It can be visual (red LED) or acoustic. Special functions are also available for electric grills. The function of the electric grill is the best keeping food hot (as in an electric oven), so we can keep willingness to serve for a long time. Electric ovens are particularly difficult to clean because of the fat and residues and we must look for some models that can be washed in a dishwasher. Therefore, does not require additional maintenance time. The materials used to build a barbecue and a special compartment for storing the power cord is mandatory for the best electric grill. Therefore, we must choose the metal grille, which is better able to withstand heat in time, and heat-insulating handles protect us from unwanted accidents. The cord should be kept in the grill, not to confuse us when not in use. If your budget is smaller, worth decide on a model of an electric oven with a detachable cable. Non-slip feet are important because the hot device placed on a slippery surface poses a real threat to our health and loved ones, and special non-slip feet prevent tipping over the grill. The accessories are particularly important, because it can greatly facilitate the use of the grill.

Therefore removable handle Teflon is necessary, and a set of trays or pans of different shapes and sizes helps us a lot. A list of the best electric grills can be found here. Brand and warranty are extremely important for the quality of the product. Although they are slightly more expensive, brand-name investment in electric oven returns in a short time, and the longer the life of these products gives us the satisfaction we expect. The minimum guarantee is 24 months and may be extended.

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