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Tuesday, January 26 2021

Which ceramic tiles?

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Regardless of whether you just moved into an older apartment, which we want to renovate, or just beginning to build their own house, at some point we will adorn the walls, floor finish and finish rooms. Bathroom or kitchen. Of course, before we start to repair floor and wall tiles in the style of stone or any other type of tiles, we need to establish a line design, which not only will create an internal space compatible with our personality, which tempt us to relax, but also to select materials that will guarantee durable and particularly functional work.
When choosing ceramic tile (ceramic wall and floor tiles), we must reckon with the fact that we keep them in our house for a long time.

Therefore, we must choose models that meet the demands of everyday use, models very easy to clean and easy to maintain models, which are characterized by attractive design and fit into different types (types) arrangement. If we use them for finishing bathrooms and kitchens, a select models resistant to moisture and stains, slip-resistant and durable, of course.
Why choose ceramic wall and floor tiles, which harm other types of surface?

Now, both the sandstone and faience are easy to clean and maintain and do not require special maintenance. They are UV resistant and retain their color and properties, even if they are constantly exposed to the sun or other atmospheric factors; They are resistant to scratches; They are resistant to water and stains, but also on the chemical and acids. They are also resistant to thermal shock (and more specifically to extreme temperature fluctuations), but also to freezing and thawing.

In addition, ceramic tiles are a safer choice for health because they are completely hygienic and prevent the development and retention of the mites, bacteria, fungi or mold. safer choice also for the environment because they are environmentally friendly, can be recycled and reused; but also safer to use, because they are not flammable - do not burn, limit the spread of flames and do not emit toxic smoke.
While 15 to 25 years ago there were not many models of ceramic wall and floor tiles to choose from to finish our floors and walls, today market offer is extremely varied and suitable for every type of interior design, but also to all the bags. .
Of course, when we talk about the appearance of our homes, do not we all want to look mundane and boring. For this reason, we play with colors, but also invoices. The same model in the style of stone tiles is perfect for decorating the bathrooms but also the kitchen, terraces and balconies.
If you have already decided on the design of the bathroom or the kitchen, if you've decided on a model of tiles that you want to buy, it is enough that you get to the facts, that is: the purchase of the necessary plates and / or faience, glue and filler for joints, including varnish protection of weld joints of sandstone and flour and tools necessary for laying ceramic tiles (trowel, level, rubber hammer, flex with the fabric for cutting tiles or plates or a special machine for cutting ceramic tiles, pliers, toothed spatula adhesive bucket board Drawing and other accessories that will help and facilitate the work). Of course, turning to a specialist in the laying of tiles, you do not need all these tools because most craftsmen have their own tools and equipment and must only pay for the costs (installation of tiles and pottery).

Calculation of demand for ceramic wall and floor tiles
One of the most common problems when buying ceramic tiles is to calculate what is needed, or to find the approximate number of tiles. The required amount is calculated depending on the size of the room, which is to be tiled, the method of installation (classic or oblique), the size of tile joints, but also how much you will need to cut the tiles. Take into account all the pipes, steps or items that you have to cut, but also the shape of the room. Why shape of the room is important?

Well, it is much easier to cover a square or rectangular room than round.
If you already know the dimensions of the room in which you install the tiles, you need to calculate the circumference and divide that number by the dimensions of selected tiles. So, before you perform these calculations ABMEE know the solutions tiles. In addition, you must also reckon with losses, which may lead to loss of time, for example coating: a simple coating can cause a loss of about 15% of all the tiles, and slanted coating may cause a loss of about 30%. Therefore, the amount of replacement of approx. Consider 10%. It will help you get rid of the accidents that may occur during cutting, and even installation. Because tiles can not buy in parts, you can not check each plate and avoid faults in the factory.

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